America’s White Claw Shortage Could Last Until Next Year

White Claw has turned to a distribution practice called allocation to meet demand

America's White Claw Shortage Could Last Until Next Year
Cartons of White Claw on display at a deli in New York City. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty)
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Fans of spiked seltzer may be singing the blues as America’s White Claw shortage might not end until next year, according to CNN.

Since demand for White Claw has exceeded supply, the company has turned to a distribution practice called allocation in order to make sure all of its markets will be able to sell at least some of the popular hard seltzer available to purchase.

By doing this, Mark Anthony Brands, which owns White Claw, will keep seltzer on shelves for a limited time in all markets, but won’t increase the volume of shipments to stores that run out.

“Allocation allows White Claw to continue showing up in stores every so often, even though it quickly flies off shelves and runs out of stock,” according to CNN. “That’s why increased demand has translated into White Claw shortages.”

The allocation strategy will continue Mark Anthony Brands can return the supply of White Claw to a normal level.

“With the tremendous response we have had from consumers, understandably, our supply chain has tightened,” White Claw president Phil Rosse told CBS News. “We are working around the clock to increase current supply and total capacity heading into 2020 so that we can get every consumer White Claw when they want it.”

Though shares will eventually come back to earth, the brand is growing at 260 percent for its third consecutive year, according to Rosse.

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