This Thing Streams Music Sans Smartphone

For up to 48 hours. That's some serious wattage.

By The Editors
March 8, 2016 9:00 am

Your correspondent remembers her first Internet music download.

It was “Eye of the Tiger.”

Weight: 5MB. Download time: three hours.

And while the song of choice remains the same, the state of digital audio has come a long way since that day.

Latest evidence: Mighty Audio, a Santa Monica-made audio player that promises to liberate your Spotify playlist from your smartphone.

How many times (for us, it’s “How many times last weekend?”) have you watched your battery dwindle to 0% while hoping in vain that if you just refrain from touching it, you’ll be able to finish your errands with the music still on?

The guys behind Mighty get that.

They’re currently Kickstarting a device that can play music for 48 hours without obligating you to carry around a charger and/or limiting your phone usage all day.

They say it’s the “first and only device” built to play your streaming music service (read: Spotify) playlists without relying on your probably overburdened phone.

It’s tiny, too. At 1.5” square, think iPod Nano size, and thus perfect for trail hikes, long runs or the gym.

Also: Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled and sweat resistant. There’s no screen, so it’s not made for playlist futzing. Just sync it from your phone and take off.

It just plays music.

For days.

And that’s a deal we’ll make.

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