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And now, skydiving in a giant wind tunnel

  • 29 May 2014


No problem, if not for the whole jumping-out-of-an-airplane thing.

Bringing the plunge down to earth: iFly, the first vertical wind tunnel experience to hit Illinois, booking jumps now at their spankin’ new location in Rosemont.

Think of iFly like you would a huge, powerful vaccuum. It’s basically an enclosed tube hooked up to a 1,600 horsepower fan.

You step in and immediately begin to hover. And there’s no large man strapped romantically to your backside.

How high you rise all depends on skill. The wind cranks up to 200 MPH, which means expert flyers can reach altitudes as high as 48 feet.

The chamber can be dialed back for the little ones, and it can handle as many bodies as your car can schlep to Rosemont.

And everything you learn in the flight chamber can be applied to an actual dive — should you ever want to take the leap.

Nota bene: In addition to Rosemont, iFly is opening a second location in Naperville next month. Stay up to date here.

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