Modern Office Essentials for the Weekday Warrior

How a man gets after it in style

By The Editors

For the Weekend Warrior: Field Design’s Guide to Modern Office Essentials
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15 January 2016

The efficiency of a man’s grind is directly proportional to how aesthetically pleasing his workspace is.

More the handsome, more the work gets done.

Them’s facts, man.

So we asked our design-savvy friends at Field Design to curate a smart guide to a better office.

Field Design is a local industrial design studio whose goods — or “modern antiques” — are the apple of the working gentleman’s eye. We couldn’t think of more fitting counsel to help you clean up your desk and be more productive this new year.

1. Bic Orange Fine Ball Point Pen ($13/20 pack)
These classic pens will never let you down, while adding some pop to the gray-and-black number sitting in your pen pot right now. BUY IT HERE

2. Formwork for Herman Miller ($19-$55)
A variety of stackable trays and vessels to accommodate everything from tech to tissues. BUY IT HERE

3. Folia Desk by Leon Ransmeier ($9,500)
A beautifully designed and constructed desk featuring sliding divided trays and an elegant lacquered finish. BUY IT HERE

4. Keisuke Serizawa Desktop Calendar ($12)
This stencil-dyed calendar lets you discover one new, unique piece of art every month. BUY IT HERE

5. ISO Desktop Organizer ($70)
Welded from heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, the ISO Desktop Organizer is powder-coated and outfitted with a thin cork underside. At nearly six pounds, it stands firmly and boldly on any desktop surface. BUY IT HERE

6. Postalco A4 Notepads ($45)
These handsome cotton snap pads are designed to accommodate both graph and lined paper. BUY IT HERE

7. Punkt ES01 Extension Socket ($144)
Easily cleans up the tangled mass of cables growing underneath your desk. BUY IT HERE

8. Daphna Laurens Paper Clips ($10)
Granted, the universal paper clip’s function is hard to beat, but this fresh take works equally as well, and strikes a more attractive figure on your desktop. BUY IT HERE

9. Trusco Y350GN Tool Box ($40)
Whether stashing an actual tool set or your everyday essentials, this compact, striking toolbox is equally at home on your desk or tucked away in a nearby drawer. BUY IT HERE

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