New Tesla Software Update Adds Goat Sounds, Fart Noises to Horn

Highbrow technology, lowbrow comedy

If you've waited for the day when your Tesla can fart at other cars, wait no longer.
Tesla Motors

Electric vehicles are pushing at the limits of traditional expectations of cars and trucks, from bold design choices to performance innovations. And then there are more esoteric advances emerging from the world of electric cars, such as having your car make a fart noise when you honk at someone.

No, that’s not a typo. The latest software update for Tesla vehicles allows Teslas with the Boombox feature built in an extraordinary degree of control over the audio the car can play — including sounds intended to notify pedestrians that the car is running, and the aforementioned fart noises.

The clip below gets into the logistics of the car’s audio options at around 4:54.

At The Verge, Julia Alexander has more information on the new update. Alexander writes that “several sounds are available for Tesla owners through the Toybox section they can use in place of a regular horn: goat baaing, applause, a little ‘tada’ clip, someone speaking posh and, of course, the fart.”

Among other features, the software update will also allow Tesla drivers to broadcast the sounds of an ice cream truck as they drive, which seems like an excellent way to make neighborhood children angry with you when summer arrives.

The software update goes beyond sounds for the car, and also includes games and changes to the display. There’s a full list of the changes available on Reddit. One can only imagine what surreal options Tesla will have in store in the next one.

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