Flying Electric Quadbike Concept Unveiled at Paris Air Show

Neva's cutting-edge AirQuadOne can carry up to 220 pounds of payload

June 21, 2017 5:00 am
Air Quad One
(Neva Aerospace)

If Kurt Sutter decides to do Sons of Anarchy: 2055 someday, this is the bike that Jax Teller’s second cousin’s adopted great grandson could be riding.

Unveiled this week at the Paris Air Show, Neva Aerospace’s AirQuadOne concept vehicle is equal parts flying machine and quadbike. The fully electric vehicle, which weighs in at just about 1,100 pounds, will be able to log flight times of 20–30 minutes and jet through the air at about 50 mph. It won’t be for those who are afraid of heights: It’ll have a max altitude of 3,000 feet.

(Neva Aerospace)

The vehicle will be powered by electric turbo fans, which provide the static thrust needed to send the vehicle forward—and take off, which it does  vertically.

The company says that its battery pack should be compatible with any electric car recharging stations, so you can land your AirQuadOne right next to the neighbor’s Tesla and show him who’s the alpha male on the block.

If you’re wondering about safety, pilots will have round-the-clock traffic management when flying and an emergency satellite communication system.

Neva will also be putting an unmanned version to market, which will be able to lift about a 220-pound payload—and it fully expects to have a hybrid on the market as well that could bump that flight time up to an hour.

(Neva Aerospace)

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