Courtney Iseman

Courtney Iseman is a Brooklyn-based writer who has covered everything from punk icons to haunted historic landmarks, but primarily focuses on drinks. Her work has appeared in outlets including Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Craft Beer & Brewing,, PUNCH, Thrillist, VinePair, Good Beer Hunting, HuffPost, Delish, Fodor's, Grub Street, i-D, and more. For InsideHook, she has written on whether craft beer is actually kind of cringe in 2024, how Gen Z is engaging with absinthe, why smoked beer is hot, whether garnishing our cocktails is contributing to climate change, what's special about fresh hop season, and more. She also writes a free newsletter on drinks culture, Hugging the Bar, and penned metal magazine Decibel's beer column for several years. When not writing, she's traveling, rating the martini she's drinking, or hanging out with her pug.

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