Benjamin Hunting

Benjamin Hunting writes about cars and car culture for InsideHook. As such, he spends his time test driving and reviewing the most interesting vehicles hitting the market, researching the new trends and classic cars drivers should know, and unearthing curious stories throughout automotive history.

He's also a freelance writer and a regulator contributor at Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Driving Line and Hagerty, as well as one of the hosts of the Unnamed Automotive Podcast. He's been a rave promoter and record label owner, and spent his childhood hacking his own video games on a Commodore VIC-20. When he's not vintage racing, cursing at his vintage race car, or finding new and exciting ways to shoot himself in the foot financially with vehicles that are older than he is, he's creating comic books (Code 45) and cleaning a Sisyphean stack of vinyl records.

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