Watches | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

These Omega Watches are 66% Off, Which Happens Pretty Much Never

Yes, the same ones worn by Bond. James Bond.

Start the clock.

Touch of Modern wants you to start 2017 with a timepiece that will last, but won’t leave a lasting impact on your wallet. So they’ve put up a limited selection of Omega watches for 66% off.

You’ve got less than five days to choose, but from the looks of i,t savvy gents are already snatching them up. If we were you, we’d get one of these, and stat.

Oh, and James Bond wears a Seamaster, in case you were wondering.

Gold and Stainless Steel Speedmaster Automatic $2,649.00 (down from $7,800)
Gold can go gauche fast, but this Speedmaster finesses the precious metal in the bezel and roman numerals on the dial to catch the right eyes.

Stainless Steel Seamaster Automatic $2,399.00 (down from $5,550)
If the Seamaster is good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for you. With a brown leather band, this works just as well in a speedboat race as it does a seaside soirèe.  

18K Yellow Gold Speedmaster Automatic $5,999.00 (down from $12,900)
Are you the kind of man who ends up teaching the bartender a thing or two? Then you’ve got the swagger (and sophistication) for this black-and-gold timepiece on a rugged leather band.

But hey, they’ve got a lot of options, so we’ll let you adorn your wrist for yourself.