Vehicles | December 18, 2017 9:00 am

Some Amazon Driver Watched ‘Mad Max’ a Few Too Many Times

This truck also delivers apocalyptic nightmares

Forget drones. Amazon Prime deliveries are coming straight from the dystopian future.

Reddit user captaincardinal3 recently posted this photo of an Amazon Prime delivery truck that looked more akin to a vehicle extra from Mad Max. Leading the charge: A spiky, grey semi with multiple license plates (“Is each license plate a trophy?” wondered one user) on the front, along with a Punisher logo on the grill … which is odd, given that The Punisher is a Netflix property.

One Reddit user, styckx, claims this is a New Jersey driver whose route runs down the East Coast. While another Reddit-er, GiornaGuirne, thinks this apocalyptic image is perfectly fine for the company.

(H/t Carscoops)