Meet Nobe, a Three-Wheeled Electric Car Your Grandpa Would’ve Loved

We all know that autos — especially those restored pride-n’-joys some of us keep under three coats of wax and a protective cover in the garage — are not easy on the environment.

Hoping to fix that? Nobe Cars, and their three-wheeled (you read that right) city-centric convertible, which looks like it should be zipping along to Chuck Berry on an Eisenhower interstate, chocolate milkshake tucked in the drink compartment.

nobe (5 images)

The Swedish brand is essentially pairing a dashing, evergreen look with bare minimum driving capabilities. While the stats may be less than mind-blowing — the trike tops out at 68-MPH, seats three, takes two hours to charge and travels just 136 miles on a charge — the idea is that’s all you really need. As for that tapered shape? Makes for supreme maneuverability — even your grandma could probably go pass the parallel-parking section of her driver’s test again.

Nobe’s already secured 126% of its hoped-for funding on Funded By Me, and there are still 25 days left to invest. Find more info on securing yours here