Vehicles | June 10, 2016 9:00 am

New Mercedes SUV Is One Immigrant We Can All Agree On

The G550 4x4² is set to arrive in America in 2017

Regardless of what may or may not happen post-November, America has a long and proud history of welcoming other’s nation’s tired, poor and huddled masses with open arms

As for their 400+ HP 4x4s … well, we’ll take them too.

The latest pony-packing import that’s captured our attention: the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4², a handbuilt military-cum-passenger-vehicle that’s set to join the rest of German automaker’s G-Class squad in the U.S.

With a four-liter Biturbo V8 under the hood, the powerful SUV comes off-road-ready and is outfitted with three locking differentials, a ground clearance of more than 17″ and a steel frame that provides maximum protection for the 4×4²’s fuel tank, exhaust system and drivetrain.

The G550 4×4² also has advanced portal axles that enable the “axle input and the wheel center to be two drastically different heights” and provide the 413 HP monster with superior “fording depth, approach, departure and breakover angles.” While the specs of the stateside-bound 4×4² haven’t been released, based on other G-Class models, the SUV will probably have a 0-60 time of around 5.5 seconds and an electronically limited top speed on the order of 135 MPH.

A similar uncertainty exists regarding the vehicle’s price, but smart money says it’ll be somewhere north of $220k.

When our foreign friend arrives in early 2017, be a good host.