Vehicles | September 15, 2017 9:00 am

Does This Mercedes Camper Remind You of Anything?

Hop on the magic school ... jeep?

Der Zauberschulbus.

That’s what children in Germany grew up calling what all of us here in the US of A referred to as “The Magic School Bus” when we were wearing short pants.

We’re thinking Cologne-based Orangework were part of the German faction of fans of Ms. Frizzle and the gang when they were young ‘uns as they’ve come up with a Mercedes-based camper design that looks all sorts of magic to us.

Magic Bus (5 images)

Modeled on a Mercedes-Benz G320, the Lennson 3C Camper is packing a 220-HP hp turbo V6 mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission under the hood. The all-wheel-drive ride is long (measuring in at 19 feet) and its interior aren’t short on comforts — boasts amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and sleeping area and plenty of storage space.

Powered by gas but also capable of drawing some energy from the sun thanks to a 280-watt solar system, the Lennson 3C is made for going on or off the beaten path for days at a time.

Those touches, plus about $300k, are all that separate the 3C from a regular Mercedes G320.