Vehicles | April 10, 2017 9:00 am

This Quad Has No Roof or Windshield — But It Does Have a Ferrari Engine

Hold onto your toupees and top hats, gentlemen

Whether they’re on wheels or snow treads, the French gearheads at Lazareth have a thing for infusing their creations with a bit of Italian flair. That trend continues with the Wazuma V8F, a small car/quadracycle hybrid with a very large Ferrari engine. Powered by a three-liter Ferrari V8 paired with a six-speed transmission from BMW, the V8F rides on 18-inch Momo wheels wrapped in extra-wide tires and tops out at about 150 MPH.

Custom Quad (2 images)

Weighing in just north of 1,110 pounds, the 250-HP V8F is not for the faint of heart. Similar to a motorcycle, the driver changes gears using two button-shifters on the handlebars, and Lazareth left the roof, windshield and bumpers on the cutting room floor (though they did — mercifully — install a set of disc brakes). The ride also comes with four made‐to‐measure shock absorbers to help dampen the considerable impact the low-to-the-ground machine is sure to incur.

The bad news? The one-off model has already been sold. If it makes you feel any better, most prospective buyers probably couldn’t have afforded it anyway.