Vehicles | March 23, 2017 9:00 am

Yeah, That’s a Jeep on Hydraulic Stilts

What traffic?

When confronted with a brutal traffic jam, you can elect to wait it out, attempt to go around it or go on a violent rampage all over the city of Los Angeles.

Since none of those options really appealed to him, an effects engineer who has worked on films like The Dark Knight and Inception came up with yet another traffic-beating option: go over it.

Designed by Scott Beverly of A2Zfx as part of a promotion for Verizon’s new Hum platform, the Hum Rider is a Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s been fitted with stilts that lift it nine feet in the air. Powered by a generator under the hood that supplies 900 pounds of pressure to a set of hydraulic pumps, the Hum Rider weighs in at a whopping 8,500 pounds thanks to all the modified gear.

Unfortunately, the car has about as good a chance of going into mass production as that elevated bus that debuted in China. Regardless, it’s heartening to know Jeeps on stilts are a possibility.