Vehicles | June 8, 2016 9:00 am

Pretty Sure We Just Found Mad Max’s Motorcycle

The Dromedarii from ICON 1000 is a doomsday special

If seeking a friend for the end of the world, Keira Knightley is a great first choice.

But if you’re seeking to escape the end of the world, friends and lovers be damned, we recommend this refurbished bike from ICON 1000.

With an assist from hallowed moto marque Triumph, the Portland-based bike shop recently converted a 2011 Tiger 800XC into a fierce-looking ride it has christened the Dromedarii.

(Your “More You Know” minute: In addition to referring to a “light and swift breed” of Arabian racing camels, the name Dromedarii also refers to the Roman Empire auxiliary troops that rode said camels when fighting in desert conditions or against horsemen. Horses, it seems, have an aversion to the smell of camels and camel urine. Who knew?)

The bike has been gifted with an Ohlins stiffened suspension, Conti TKC80 rubber and a raised subframe to improve its off-road abilities, and the Tiger’s original plastics have been replaced with steel cages and plates. The addition of a bespoke fuel tank, auxiliary Rotopax fuel cells, a Ballistic lithium battery and load-bearing racks for doomsday provisions round out the makeover.

“One does not simply ride into Mordor,” according to the bike builders. “Sired from the bloodlines of uncompromised stock, she is the result of a TRIUMPH x ICON collaboration, with a singular mission of bringing humanity back from the wastelands.”

Godspeed, Frodo.

Images courtesy of ICON