Vehicles | September 22, 2014 9:00 am

Let It Ride

By The Editors

Easy Rider. Johnny Cash.

Iconic film. Iconic man.

Their middle ground? Good tunes and bitchin’ rides.

Rides you can now own the keys to.

Because Johnny Cash’s 1970 Rolls Royce and the Easy Rider Captain America chopper are both on the auction block and taking bids soon (in person, by phone or via the Web).

First: here’s Johnny.

Presented as a gift from ABC (for whom he hosted a variety show), the Man in Black’s 1970 RR Silver Shadow is a long-wheelbase saloon with a customized privacy partition and gold “JRC” initials on the rear door.

Specs: twin-carbureted 412-CID aluminum V8 with independent front and rear suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Leather upholstery, wood treatment on the interior and a slightly weathered “Spirit of Ecstasy” rockin’ front and center on the hood.

Just 32,000 miles on the odometer.

Auction’s this week: now’s a good time to walk the line.

As for the chopper: this is the ultimate counterculture ride. A red, white and blue panhead that was — fun fact — co-designed by its rider and lead actor Peter Fonda.

Between two and four may have existed, but the restored model here — seen throughout the film and the very one used during the film’s final crash scene — is the only one still motorin’.

This ain’t no fixer-upper: bids are expected to top $1.2 million.

Freedom ain’t free.