Vehicles | March 15, 2017 9:00 am

There’s Nothing Stopping You From Designing Your Own McLaren Supercar

Take a little daydream break. You earned it.

Warning: Amazing 615 horsepower timesuck ahead (you will get distracted).

Because the just-revealed McLaren 720S at the Geneva Motor Show also has a fancy online configurator, wherein you can design your own supercar. Oh, the possibilities.

Pick the model. Pick the trim. And select your exterior paint from no less than 34 sporty colors. There are five standard hues in white, blue, silver, that McLaren orange and Storm Grey. Then, there is the Special category of color featuring Aurora Blue, Memphis Red and Quartz. Beyond that, the Elite class and MSO Defined vertical offer the chance to go truly of the wall with shades like Bourbon and Papaya Spark. Do you, friend.

Then, you’ll be prompted to pick wheels, rims, tires, a slew of carbon upgrades from side mirrors to headlamp housings. 

A bit of a bummer on the interior though — it only comes in black or black/ grey. Which made us bristle a little, as any gent with a shred of taste will tell you that anything after 1979 requires a tan interior when paired with red.

You can polish her off with all the accents the heart desires from audio systems to park assist, from alarm upgrades to vehicle tracking and floor mats, fire extinguishers and — very Euro of them — an ashtray.

No pricing is listed for the completed project. The sticker would require getting in touch with a dealer. But you can be certain that if you have to ask, you should stick to just playing supercar Build-a-Bear. No harm in that.