Vehicles | October 7, 2016 9:00 am

The New Beemer Can Be Had for Just $3,000

OK, sure, it’s an e-bike. But they don't have to know that.

Never a name content to rest on its steel-and-rubber laurels, BMW is now developing models that will compete with the likes of Tesla and Mercedes for four-wheeled electric supremacy.

But in the event that doesn’t work out, the automaker has a backup plan — they’re also making a strong bid to lock down the title of top electric two-wheeler with a new line e-bikes.

Sporting an electric motor built by BOSCH Performance capable of providing up to a 250-watt output, the BMW Cruise e-Bike’s bull-neck frame is made of hydroformed aluminum that was developed in-house to be lightweight but durable.

Meant to embody the perfect commuting vehicle, the Cruise’s pedal support system can push it to speeds of up to 15 MPH, and its removable battery can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours. The bike’s electric-assist technology is complemented by an on-board computer that lends the rider shifting tips for its 10-gear system, while an S1 Selle Royal saddle provides max comfort.

Considering it’s priced at just $3,000, there’s only one other electric BMW we’d rather have.