Vehicles | March 17, 2017 9:00 am

Someone Get This Airstream Bar-for-Hire Its Nobel Prize Already

And the award for excellence in designated driving goes to ...

Don’t drink and drive. Period. Ever. Full stop.

Drinking and riding, however — we’ll advocate for that. And we’ll advocate for using this thing when you do.

A full-sized ‘70s Land Yacht that’s been converted into a roving cocktail den, the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is one of the most ridiculous custom builds that we’ve ever laid eyes on. Redesigned both inside and out to function as either an open-air drinks dispenser or miniature dive bar on wheels, the jealousy-inducing custom job is stocked with beer, wine, liquor and Champagne, wired with a top-notch surround sound system and offers hot and cold catering.

Airstream Bar (5 images)

Unfortunately, the bar is based in the U.K., so getting it stateside won’t be easy (or cheap). But while the owners prefer to stay local, they “can, if required, travel to the rest of the world.”

If you book it, we will come.