Vehicles | May 2, 2018 9:00 am

This Electric Scooter Uses AI to Constantly Improve Driver Experience

It ain't Knight Rider. But it's a start.

Soon, it may not be enough that vehicles are battery-powered and fuel-efficient. At least one Indian startup is proving people are interested in artificial intelligence, and not necessarily the self-driving kind.

Based right outside New Delhi, 22Motors is currently working around the clock for the public release of The Flow, an electric scooter with the capability to adapt to its rider’s habits thanks to some very impressive tech. The company launched the production model at the Indian Expo early last year, releasing a preorder batch that sold out before they could pack their things and head home.

As the demand for hybrid and EV autos in emerging markets like India and China continues to ramp up (and fast), automakers are starting to find ways to separate themselves from the pack, and The Flow is a paragon of that movement.

What makes it so impressive is not so much its classic styling, but what’s underneath. The company is dubbing it “Contact Learning”: an internal AI system records and evaluates its driver’s tendencies while in use, and then adjusts the drive settings accordingly to make for safer, more comfortable navigation on future rides.

In addition to standard Bluetooth connectivity and daily road and traffic alerts, 22Motors has developed a fleet management and monitoring system that allows the scooter to analyze driving patterns, monitor daily battery use and even remote-diagnose and predict servicing needs, all within a cloud-based app that can be viewed by both the company and the rider.

The company is gearing up for its second preorder round. Head on over to 22Motors to peep the full specs.