Vehicles | March 17, 2017 9:00 am

McLaren Now Offering World’s Greatest Driver’s Ed Program

Well here's a class you’ll actually want to show up for

Thanks to the supercar marque’s new custom building tool, acquiring a McLaren is now easier than ever. Driving one, well, that’s another matter. Which is exactly why McLaren came up with the idea for a track-racing academy to provide customers with the skills they need to pay the bills — literally.

The 2017 edition of the Pure McLaren program is the first iteration of an annual series that will let elite drivers take part in six official races against other qualified drivers and ultimately provide the chance to gain the needed signatures to obtain a license to enter competitions. Featuring comprehensive race preparation that includes in-depth strategic planning sessions, the program is a way for aspiring racers to start competing in motorsport events, but that doesn’t mean McLaren has forgotten about gearheads with less lofty ambitions.

McLaren School (3 images)

The scaled-down version of the Pure Mclaren experience allows participants — both owners and potential customers — to have one-on-one sessions with experts and get behind the wheel of cars like the 570S Coupé and 650S Sprint to hone their chops in a controlled environment. Priced start around $1,130 per session, and this year’s Pure McLaren program kicks off on April 5th in Italy at the Monza Grand Prix track. Interested parties are asked to register here.

If you’re lucky, maybe Andrew Bagnall will stop by with one of the rarest F1s ever created: