Uncategorized | September 11, 2016 4:00 am

Hudson River May Get Floating Glass Restaurant

Glenwood Power Plant was built on the Hudson River in 1906 for the electrification of the New York Central Railroad from Grand Central. The plant closed in the 1960s and was left unoccupied before the Goren Group began restoring it in 2013. Today, it stands poised to get a truly unique restaurant.

Big Foot Developers has proposed what it calls The Floating Restaurant; a 44-foot-long, 48-foot-high, fully transparent glass cube suspended between two of Glenwood’s smokestacks by steel tension cables. The restaurant would be accessed by an elevator built into another smokestack (also containing emergency stairs) that opens onto a nearly-invisible glass bridge. The cube would be stabilized with a tension steel spider system, and a smaller, interior cube will serve as the kitchen, hidden from view by a green living wall.

The concept offers more than just novelty. Diners at the Floating Restaurant will get incredible views of the city from 200 feet above the Hudson River, and the menu will reflect that sense of exclusivity.

To read more about the floating restaurant, click here. Watch the video below to better visualize it.