Have Some Great Deals From an Airline That Doesn’t Treat You Like Garbage

Another day, another fare sale. It might suck to actually fly, but it’s been a great season for buying tickets. The latest noteworthy fare sale comes from Southwest. Looking to fly between cities like Las Vegas and L.A.? Albuquerque to Phoenix? BMI and Cincinnati? Check out what’s available, for travel from mid-August to early December. We actually saw fares under $42 ($39) for the first option. 

Of course, since you’re flying the airline with the best change policy in the industry, you can take advantage of the fares even if you already have a ticket: Southwest permits flyers to rebook at the lower rate and get the difference back. No: seriously. This is true. Check your itinerary and see if it’s now available at a lower price — and contact the airline if so.

During an era when airlines seem hell-bent on eliminating fees and raising prices at every opportunity, we should take every opportunity to support airlines that don’t treat us like garbage.

Check out the sale here