$20 Flights. We Repeat: $20 Flights.

The state of air travel may be exceptionally horrible — but the state of airfares, perhaps not coincidentally, is pretty great. “You get what you pay for,” anyone?

The latest fare sale to grab our attention: Frontier’s pop-up sale, with fares starting at $20 for a huge slate of city pairs. See Time’s complete list of destinations, and think more “economic short hop” than “long-haul” — or even “cross country.” It’s more: Nashville to Orlando, L.A. to Colorado Springs, Trenton to Detroit than L.A. to Tel Aviv via Iceland (though guess what — that’s on sale, too.) 

That said — Trenton to Detroit is a pretty big jump, and Detroit’s a terrific jumping-off point for exploring Michigan’s natural attractions, like Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Meanwhile, there aren’t many flights straight into New York City — but trust, it might actually be easier to get to Manhattan from Trenton than it is from LaGuardia, which could make those $20 fares to TTN worth checking out if you’re coming from, say, Charlotte. 

Caveat: Think quick, because the sale is over tonight