By Diane Rommel / August 17, 2017 9:00 am

They’re not the first, and they won’t be the last, but you can add Aman to the list of luxury hotel brands now offering its guests some next-level world touring — aboard a private jet. Specifically, a “well-appointed” (we bet) Airbus AC319, seating precisely 16 passengers. It normally seats 126. Air travel’s a lot nicer when an entire plane is only split between 15 other people, and there are full bathrooms. With bathtubs. On a plane. 

Staying at all 22 Aman properties is a bucket list of sorts for some very well-heeled travelers, and this trip, created in conjunction with travel outfitter Remote Lands, will get you almost halfway, as it makes stops at nine resorts in Shanghai, Phuket, and Bhutan, for starters, transferring to smaller jets as needed. The tour begins in Tokyo (pictured above) in April — if the weather cooperates this could be the height of cherry blossom season — and wraps up with stops in Montenegro, Greece and Italy. 

You have eight months till take-off, but you better save fast: The entire 22-day trip will cost $114,888 per person, or about $5,000 a day.