Travel | February 9, 2016 9:00 am

A Guide to the World’s Best “Catch-and-Eat” Resorts

Or, the vacations those guys in Deliverance should’ve taken

By The Editors

Chances are you eat fish.

Chances are — perhaps slightly less so — you’ve also caught a fish.

But when’s the last time you ate a fish you caught? For many guys, never. Let’s change that.

It’s time to tap into your inner Paleolithic provider — without sacrificing poolside cocktails and king-sized beds, of course. These five decidedly luxe destinations will help you do just that.

Paresa Resort
Phuket, Thailand

Few things will convince you to leave your cliffside villa at Paresa Resort. Fishing the warm indigo waters of the Andaman Sea is one of them. Via private longtail boat and accompanied by a captain and a guide, you’ll use traditional Thai fishing practices to hook and forage for the sea’s vast variety of fish and shellfish. Back ashore, the resort’s chef will use your catch to prepare a private lunch or dinner in the comfort of your villa.

Victoria House
Ambergris Caye, Belize

Belize is a year-round fisherman’s paradise. Saltwater fly fishing, reef fishing, deep sea fishing, river fishing, lobster fishing … they’re all on offer in this Central American nation with 240 miles of Caribbean coastline. To start, stay at Victoria House and book their Fish/BBQ/Fish day trip. After hooking a few horse-eye jack, mackerel or grouper along the country’s barrier reef, your guide will promptly barbecue your catch on the nearest beach. After lunch, head back out on the water — you’re not done fishing yet.

Little River Inn
Little River, California

Ditch the fishing pole. To catch abalone, you’ll just need strong lungs, keen eyes and your hands. You’ll also want to book a spot at Little River Inn’s second annual Abalone Camp (June 26-28). Together with top free-dive guides from Triton X, you’ll dive during Northern California’s peak abalone season, then head back to the Inn with your catch. After learning how to clean, cut and pound your abalone, you’ll feast. Beyond the one abalone you’ll be asked to contribute to the group meal, your haul is yours to ship back home.

Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa
Guacalito de la Isla, Nicaragua

If your perfect vacation involves a beachfront villa with a side of cultural immersion, then get familiar with Mukul, Nicaragua’s high-end beach, golf and spa resort. Post dip in your private pool, head to Gigante, the neighboring fishing village. There, you’ll team up with local fishermen to catch seasonal offerings like wahoo, red snapper and rooster fish — which the on-staff chef will prepare to your liking for dinner later that night.

Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita
Punta Mita, Mexico

Grilled octopus and mahi mahi ceviche: just a conversation with the waiter away at the Punta Mita. But you’ve lounged enough. Earn your meal by signing up with resort partners Spearmex, the region’s premier free-diving and spearfishing academy. After a few lessons, you’ll head right off shore to hunt. Catch acquired, you’ll then work side by side with a chef to turn your haul into a three-course lunch.

—Trevor Morrow