TV | August 17, 2017 10:21 am

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Comments He’s Received From Trump Supporters

Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' segment got personal.

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his popular “Mean Tweets” celebrity segment, but last night he took it to a new level, reading mean tweets that Trump supporters have sent him on social media.

Messages were sent from both Facebook and Twitter. They come a day after Kimmel addressed Trump supporters who don’t want to admit that the “smug, annoying liberals” were right about Trump.

Kimmel told Trump’s supporters on Wednesday that deep down, they know they made a mistake: “You picked the wrong guy.”

And he feels he really made a breakthrough, according to EW. On last night’s show he went on to say, “I base that on all the thoughtful responses I got on Twitter and Facebook from people like Thomas, who wrote, ‘Why don’t you go somewhere else like a different country if you don’t like our president and stop you’re crying on tv snowflake.’”

Watch the full clip from the show above.