Mykonos, Greece (Getty)
Mykonos, Greece (Getty)

There are a few things that define a luxury app: Inaugural access to information. A featured collection of limited edition items. A curation of exceptional products or individualized services. VIP privileges and treatment. The apps we’ve selected feature these amenities, and range from luxury travel and wine to insider information and exclusive dating. Take a look below.

DriveShare was built on the concept that not everyone who loves classic and luxury vehicles has the time to maintain them. Fuel your passion and enjoy all the wonders that comes with getting behind the wheel without the constant upkeep. The app connects you with the most unbelievable coupes and convertibles on American roads — both manual and automatic — for as long as you want them.

Driving through the city centre in Munich, Germany (Getty)

JetSmarter isn’t just a private air travel app — it’s also a community of like-minded individuals who want to move through the air on their own terms. After paying the $3,000 initiation fee and $4,950 annual membership fee, you can either find seats on existing flights or create your own. It makes flying privately efficient and puts you in a seat near someone you’d actually like to strike up a conversation with.

This luxury business jet is ready to board. (Getty)

Onefinestay is the most finely curated rental app imaginable, created specifically for affluent travelers who want the charm and comfort of home with the amenities provided by a five-star hotel. Boston, London, Mykonos, Rome — the available cities stretch around the world, and each prospective home you will stay in is visited and vetted in person by the company, which has a 24/7 Guest Services team to welcome you when you arrive. They also provide a team of Travel Advisors to help tailor your visit — no Yelping, Googling, or calling around to assistants necessary.

Mykonos, Greece (Getty)

Wine Spectator offers a wealth of information for anyone eating in, dining out, or stopping by a party where the libations are a cut above. Find the origin, price point, vintage and names of the best red, white and sparkling out there — all according to actual experts. It’s also a simple way to refresh your memory if you’re heading to a vineyard that specializes in a particular history or type of wine.

The wine region at the Ljutomer-Ormoz hills, along the Jeruzalem wine road, Slovenia. (Getty)

Private Island News is an absolute necessity for anyone who’s curious about a wealth of information regarding private islands: Local politics, business affairs, market value, which celebrities are headed where and what new amenities are being offered. It’s simple and efficient, but keeps you informed.

A long tail wooden boat at the Maya Bay-Phi Phi Islands in Thailand (Getty)

There are a variety of dating apps we felt it necessary to highlight because what you’re searching for is obviously going to dictate which you download. For the must-have of millionaire dating, there’s Luxy, which requires members to either be invited, or verify an income of at least $200K a year. There’s Seeking Arrangement, which navigates the world of sugar dating with a fine-toothed comb, and Mensa Match, for people who are most attracted to intelligence. There’s a legitimate test for the latter — it takes about two hours to complete, and only those with an IQ of 130 or above are allowed access to the app.


Operator is the luxury app for everything else. Launched by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, Operator fuses robots with humans to help find almost anything you’re looking for. Need a mid-century modern sofa for your new condo, but aren’t sure how deep it is? There’s someone there to ask. Searching for plant life to accentuate your rooftop garden, but don’t have a green thumb? There’s an expert gardener to recommend the right plant, then have it delivered right to your doorstep. Rather than shopping on an impersonal website where you have to wait and see what a product is really like, Operator gives you direct access to specialists who can help you shop quickly — and get it right the first time.