Sports | November 10, 2017 9:34 am

Olympic Star Aly Raisman Says She Was Sexually Abused by Team Doctor

She’s the second member of the “Fierce Five” to come forward.

Aly Raisman
Gymnast Aly Raisman is the voice of a generation of abused women. (Harry How/ Getty)
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Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, who has taken home six medals for the U.S. at the last two Olympic Summer Games, said during an interview with 60 Minutes that she was sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, who worked with U.S. national gymnastic teams for more than 20 years.

The 23-year-old, who says she’s angry, is one of more than 130 women who’ve come forward to say Nassar abused them while pretending to treat them for a variety of athletic injuries. Nassar is currently in jail after pleading guilty to child pornography charges, but not guilty of sexual assault — and Raisman doesn’t want to hear any questions about why victims didn’t come forward earlier.

“Why are we looking at why didn’t the girls speak up?” Raisman asks. “Why not look at what about the culture? What did USA Gymnastics do, and Larry Nassar do, to manipulate these girls so much that they are so afraid to speak up?”

Raisman details her experiences in her new book, “Fierce.” She told 60 Minutes that she wants to ensure that the young girls who look up to her “never have to go through” what she did. The full interview airs Sunday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. EST.