Sex & Dating | December 8, 2016 9:00 am

This Aussie Calendar Appears to Be Quite NSFW and We’re OK With That

One-way ticket to Sydney, please

We are gathered here today to discuss the behind-the-scenes video from the 2017 Mad Hueys calendar shoot.

Yes, you should watch it out of sight of anyone who has the power to relieve you of your job. And yes, it may compel you to buy a one-way ticket on a Down Under-bound flight.

But we also fell down the rabbithole of videos from the Gold Coast-based fishing and surfing brand, and were reminded that Australia is a stunning country populated with fun-loving souls and an apparent aversion to clothing.

Exhibit A: Handline fishing …

I went handline fishing while in Australia and will say that it’s one of the most challenging fishing trips I’ve been on. You literally pull fish in by hand with a line. No rod. Very Old Man and the Sea.

Exhibit B: Surfing in Hawaii …

And then we’ll leave you with Exhibit C, the buzz video for their 2016 calendar, which they must have gotten an angry memo about or something, because it’s even steamier than the new one …

Seems like a good crew.