San Francisco | February 18, 2016 9:00 am

Have a Gym Bag. A Very, Very Exceptional Gym Bag.

Keeps your dry stuff dry and your stinky stuff separate.

By The Editors

Life moves fast and somehow everything gets squished together: bed to gym to office to drinks to dinner to Netflix to bed.

You leave the house once. You return to the house once. That means you’re probably carrying one bag everywhere.

So make sure that bag looks as good as you do.

Enter the Aer duffel, the most functional, sharp, intelligent gym bag we’ve seen this year.

This bag, designed in S.F. and now available for preorder, weds the backpack’s portability with a duffel’s accessibility.

The ventilated compartment keeps your shoes away from your clean clothes and the both of ‘em away from your soggy stuff. It’s also got padded laptop and tablet pockets, a shoe compartment and dual waterproof side pockets keep your everyday carries safe and dry.

Meanwhile, a forward-looking design and rugged but attractive 1680D ballistic nylon ensure you can carry the whole rig into a board meeting and keep a straight face.

Beats looking like you’re en route to the laundromat.