By The Editors / April 12, 2016 9:00 am

Fact: We want to get out into nature 100% of the time.

Second fact: We don’t always want to get dirty doing it.

Sometimes, at the end (or beginning) of a very long week, you want to get a bit of outdoor time in without all the hassle.

And with fancy sheets.

And that, friends, is why we need to talk about the second edition of AutoCamp.

AutoCamp is camping, made easy. Maybe you don’t have the gear. Maybe you don’t have the energy. Maybe you have a kid whose limited fuss-free moments won’t give you the time you need to set up camp.

What it is: Project architects Dan Weber Architecture have created a group of 24 top-end Airstreams and 10 luxury tents, all nestled into a woodsy grove, with easy access to the Russian River around the corner.

Each Airstream sleeps four, and each is informed by boutique hotel-style living: Think amenities provided by Malin + Goetz. Mattresses from Casper. Peace and calm care of good ol’ Ma Nature.

The site is scheduled to open in June.

There’s going to be a line around the digital block for reservations — unless you support them now, via Kickstarter, as they raise funds for a shared “Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired” pavilion on the premises.

Buy in now and you’ll get your choice of mid-week or weekend bookings.

Mark your calendars: there are six weeks till summer.

Where would you rather spend it?