News & Opinion | October 19, 2016 9:00 am

Which State Is Wondering ‘How to Get Away With Murder?’

See the most popular “How to” question for each state

In America, when we set out to learn how to do something new, we hitch up our pants, tighten our bootstraps, put our nose to the grindstone  … and sit down to Google it.

Thing is, even though people across the 50 states are all using the Information Superhighway to take them where they want to go, their destinations are very different, as a recent state-by-state analysis of the most frequently Googled “how to” questions demonstrates.

“Using Google Autocomplete, we compiled hundreds of the most common how-to questions Americans type into the Google search bar,” explains the real estate company Estately in a blog post. “We then ran those searches through Google Trends to determine which state queried each of these selected searches the most over the past five years.”

Bearing in mind, this list only shows what each state Googles the most in relation to all the other states and D.C., not what it Googles the most overall (we’re guessing porn), here are the top queries from each state.

ALABAMA: How to make love?
ALASKA: How to fish?
ARIZONA: How to join the Illuminati?
ARKANSAS: How to add fractions?
CALIFORNIA: How to Crip Walk?
COLORADO: How to compost? (tie w/Washington)
CONNECTICUT: How to be pretty?
DELAWARE: How to get away with murder?
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: How to use chopsticks?
FLORIDA: How to be gay? (tie w/ Texas) and How to get out of Florida?
GEORGIA: How to become a porn star?
HAWAII: How to be a ninja?
IDAHO: How to address a letter?
ILLINOIS: How to be a superhero?
INDIANA: How to vote for Trump?
IOWA: How to make Jello shots?
KANSAS: How to find Kansas?
KENTUCKY: How to talk dirty?
LOUISIANA: How to levitate?
MAINE: How to get rid of fruit flies?
MARYLAND: How to crab?
MASSACHUSETTS: How to delete Tinder?
MICHIGAN: How to make a bong?
MINNESOTA: How to quilt?
MISSISSIPPI: How to twerk?
MISSOURI: How to raise chickens?
MONTANA: How to hard boil eggs?
NEBRASKA: How to join ISIS?
NEVADA: How to survive a zombie apocalypse?
NEW HAMPSHIRE: How to tip cows?
NEW JERSEY: How to stop Trump?
NEW MEXICO: How to put on a condom?
NEW YORK: How to stop being a loser?
NORTH CAROLINA: How to be awesome?
NORTH DAKOTA: How to boil eggs?
OHIO: How to make fire?
OKLAHOMA: How to sext?
OREGON: How to hack wifi?
PENNSYLVANIA: How to get drunk?
RHODE ISLAND: How to make money selling drugs?
SOUTH CAROLINA: How to be yourself?
SOUTH DAKOTA: How to make slime?
TENNESSEE: How to get on TV?
TEXAS: How to become a Jedi?
UTAH: How to orgasm?
VERMONT: How to move to Canada?
VIRGINIA: How to irritate people?
WASHINGTON: How to cook a wolf?
WEST VIRGINIA: How to make moonshine?
WISCONSIN: How to impeach a governor?
WYOMING: How to battle in Pokemon Go?

For a more detailed breakdown, check out Estately’s website.