News & Opinion | September 22, 2017 10:30 am

Meet the Mexican Navy’s Heroic Yellow Lab That Has Saved a Dozen Lives

'Frida' now helping rescue people buried in rubble after this week's Mexican earthquake.

Frida the dog, screengrabbed from an LA Times tweet. (Andrea Castillo / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Times recently profiled Frida, a 7-year-old yellow lab whose story has gone viral for helping locate 52 people—12 alive—after multiple natural disasters in Mexico and Central America. A member of the Mexican Navy’s canine unit, Frida is now deployed to help find and save victims trapped in the rubble create by the massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake that decimated Mexico City on Tuesday.

When she finds a living person, the Times reports, she barks. But if the person is no longer alive, Frida will stop suddenly before proceeding. “[Frida will] act afraid,” Israel Arauz Salinas, Frida’s handler, told the Times. “That indicates to us that there is a cadaver.”

In the clip above, you’ll see Frida getting the parade treatment for her heroic work.