New York | September 29, 2016 9:00 am

September in New York, in 21 Pictures

You took them. We picked out the best of them.

They call New York the City That Never Sleeps. Side effect of that: plently of nights you won’t remember.

But Instagram will.

With that in mind, we bring you 21 ‘Grams, a review of the last month or so in our fair(ish) city, as told by 21 of our favorite Instagram captures. 

Because this is what a New Yorker looks like

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Because champion adventurer Travis Rice taught everyone at the Highline Hotel about “calculated risk”

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Because we’re suckers for a woman in a blazer

Because if there’s one day of the year to not wear black in New York … 

Because Park Avenue Autumn has toddies on tap

Because a besuited biker gang took over Times Square for a good cause

Because certain incidents make New York Fashion Week worth it

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Because legends still ride the subway

Because handwritten notes shall not be forgotten

Because there’s nothing like a nice drive to kick off fall 

Because there’s a new vantage point for taking in the magic hour

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Because if you haven’t been to the Glass House, now is the time 

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Because when Bill Murray bartends, he only serves shots of tequila

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Because Happy National Coffee Day

Because now we know where to get a jet engine if we need one 

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Because sometimes you just want to go somewhere special

Because the @HungryEditor will be responsible for our diminishing will power this fall

Because Jon Hamm looks good. Really good.

Because it’s good to reflect sometimes

Because the West Indian Day Parade always delivers

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Because sometimes you fly

And sometimes you fall.