Five Easy Pieces: Buck Mason
By Reuben Brody / June 9, 2017 9:00 am



  1. The distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body, or by children attending certain schools.
  2. This perfect summer getup from Buck Mason, which consists of the last pair of comfy slacks you’ll buy, the best damn T-shirt on the market and a jacket made of Japanese denim.

If you don’t know Buck Mason, they got their start making jeans and T-shirts down in Venice. Now they’ve expanded to include jackets, hats and even shoes. They’ve also taken to touring around town in a school-bus pop-up shop, which is just a nifty, wonderfully nostalgic little way to peddle your wares. You’re likely to find them at Smorgasburg.  

When we asked them if they’d like to curate a getup for us, they said, “Sure, let us share our new twill trousers. They’re perfect for summer.”

Here is that getup, in five easy pieces.


The T-Shirt
A summer T-shirt requires a lighter weight, and this Supima cotton number nails it. It’ll keep you cool during that day, while the subtle matte texture is ideal for nights out.


The Pants
Buck Mason just launched its line of twill trousers with 1% spandex for a little stretch. Offered in olive, tan and charcoal with plenty of room at the ankle for a relaxed cuff, these can everywhere from casual offices to a night on the beach.


The Denim Jacket
Jean jackets are the go-to for a cool summer night. Buck Mason makes theirs from Japanese denim that’s already broken in, so it’s ready to roll out of the box. Note the subtle punctuation of the nickel buttons.


The White High Top
Chucks are an iconic look, but everyone has them. Buck Mason’s version is unique because they’re handmade canvas with a rubber sole that’s been galvanized in the same kilns used for ceramics, a process that lends the shoes more flexibility and durability.


The Belt
The best belts are simple. This black cowhide number is so simple and well made they claim it’ll carry you over the hill.