A French Artist Just Made a Swimming Pool Out of an Old Camper

Above-ground pools, bless ‘em, are lifetime members of the Tacky Backyard Association.

The best recipe for addressing their seedy rep, though? Doubling down on that tackiness until they’ve been transposed into art.

And French artist, exhbibitionist and turns-police-cars-into-hen-coops-ist Benedetto Bufalino is the ideal guy for that job. The man just successfully installed a swimming pool into a run of the mill camping trailer:

How did he do it?

The “Caravane Piscine” takes shape in this video; it’s gutted of its roof and interior before the workers add layers of wooden paneling, smooth tile, even a coat of turqoise blue. A ladder was also affixed to the rear of the auto for easy entry. 

The end result (which can still drive around, amazingly) resembles a likely dream after an exhaustive day of camping and chasing swimming holes … only it’s real, and Benedetto’s almost certainly got more kookiness up his sleeve