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10 Pieces of Wall Decor That’ll Make Your WFH Space Anything But Boring

Work may be a bore, but your office doesn't have to be

Best Wall Decor for Home Office

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This story is part of our Fall Refresh Guide, a weeklong series where we’ll be looking at the products that will help us make the most of yet another season stuck at home. Think of it like Back-to-School content for adults. Except, you know, during a pandemic.

The idea of an office, especially in the corporate sense, tends to conjure images of a highly sterilized environment, most likely consisting of cold, impersonal cubicles illuminated by harsh and unbecoming fluorescent lighting. They’re spaces largely devoid of any personality, further enforcing the idea that work should be one’s main, and only, focus.

As you find yourself working from home (possibly for the first time) you might find yourself tempted to translate this clinical aesthetic to your own workspace. While it’s wise to establish definitive boundaries between one’s home and work life, especially now when they’re constantly commingling, it doesn’t mean that you have to strip your office of anything that’s representative of who you are.

Below are 10 pieces of wall decor, from art prints to skateboard decks and camp flags, for making your workspace feel all the more like you.

mpgmb Reverse 02 Canvas Art Print

If you have trouble committing yourself to wall decor or are unsure of where your preferences in art lie, go neutral with a black and white abstract print like this one from mpgmb. The print is simple yet effective, capable of working in a range of spaces without being too distracting. And should you find yourself puzzling over its meaning, just remember art is subjective — it can mean whatever the hell you want, or even nothing at all.

Field Guide Designs Adventures In Camping Art Print

For those who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts, bring a bit of the great outdoors to your workspace with this camp-themed art print from Field Guide Designs. The print features slightly retro camping essentials, laid out in a neat and orderly fashion that is very satisfying. A quick glance at the print and you’ll be reminded of all the possibilities that await you once you complete your work.

The Skateroom x Peanuts Printed Wooden Skateboard

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Peanuts joined forces with The Skateroom (who specialize in creating art editions on skateboards exclusively) to create a collection of decks that feature Snoopy exploring the final frontier for himself. Even if you don’t skate, the deck is ideal for anyone who’s decor sensibilities lean a little more eclectic or who’s looking to bring a sense of youthfulness to their WFH space.

Work Hard Print by Anthony Burrill

In the event you find your work ethic suffering and your disposition towards others growing less sunny by the day, allow this print by Anthony Burrill to serve as a not-so-subtle daily reminder. Hang the print above your desk, and anytime you find yourself tempted by procrastination or snapping at others, take a deep breath, gaze upwards and repeat your new mantra. And if it doesn’t work, at least you’ve gained a cool piece of art.

Oxford Pennant ‘See With All Eyes’ Camp Flag

Awaken your third eye with this camp flag from Oxford Pennant. Bearing the phrase “See With All Eyes” surrounded by a bunch of eyes, we’re not quite sure as to the meaning or message, but we appreciate the vintage aesthetic and slightly trippy design. It’ll give you plenty to ponder as you work.

David Hockney Exhibition Art Poster – A Bigger Splash Poster

Demonstrate you’re an art buff with this reproduction of David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’ exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London. Sure, you might not have actually seen the exhibition for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you did. Or maybe you want the poster not because you’re a diehard Hockney fan, but you’re simply trying to achieve that much sought after mid-century modern aesthetic, for which this piece would be perfect.

Baseball Stadium Blueprint

With the baseball season being so sad this year, remind yourself of your favorite stadium and show allegiance to your team with one of these highly-detailed stadium blueprints. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself scrutinizing the minute illustrations when you should technically be working.

Paper Collective x Kasper Nyman Cities of Basketball

The possibility of cooler weather looms large for many, but if you find yourself perpetually in a California state of mind, transport yourself there via this photo from Danish photographer Kasper Nyman’s Cities of Basketball series. Inspired by the artist’s love of basketball, the series took him to basketball courts around the world, including this picturesque Los Angeles one. When the cold weather finally descends, allow the print to lend you some warmth, or at the very least an idea of it.

Ideal Bookshelf

Whether you’re actually a bookworm or just want to give the appearance of being one, lend your office space a studious air with this “bookshelf” made up of illustrated editions of some of the greats. The prints by artist Jane Mount are available in a range of genres, from Modernism (pictured above) to Cooking and Shakespeare. It’ll be just like having an extensive and impressive library, just without the actual books.

Sonic Editions Ernest Hemingway Pouring Gordon’s Gin Black and White Print

This one’s for the guy who fancies himself a manly man and also doesn’t mind dropping $300 on a print (but, in all fairness, it is a piece you’re bound to have in your home forever). Chill with Papa Hemingway as you breeze through work, and once you’ve finished feel free to sit back, relax and pour yourself a drink — preferably a Negroni, a la Ernest.