Home & Design | December 13, 2016 9:00 am

If It Has a Porch and a Soaking Tub, Is It Really a ‘Tiny’ Home?

‘Slightly undersized’ home might be more apt

For centuries, Scandinavian houses have been painted red. Specifically, falu red, a product of copper mines. 

To wit:

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It’s so firmly entrenched in Norse culture that one Finnish toast of congratulations wishes upon the recipient “a red house and a potato patch.” Now, literally anyone — or anyone with around $20K in the bank, at least — can take a little bite out of the Scandinavian dream. 

It’s called the NestHouse, from Tiny House Scotland.  And what it lacks in actually being tiny, it more than makes up for with some kickass amenities.

You get a lot — well, a fair amount — for your money: “The home has a main living area, split between a kitchen and dining space, and a lounge.” A bathroom, with (obviously) a toilet and a “soaking tub” are also included. There’s a deck for good weather, and solid insulation and a wood-burning stove for bad. Energy-minded owners can also opt for solar panels and a battery bank. 

While there’s plenty of flexibility in floor plans — with bigger, all-furniture-included options ticking the bill up to nearly $100K — all of the models are heavy, so unlike other, presumably tinier houses, this one can’t be towed around.

So when you pick your patch, pick it well.