Health & Fitness | July 15, 2020 11:44 am

Meet Liteboxer, the Peloton Equivalent for Boxing

You'll get an ass-kicking workout, but from the comfort of your own home

Meet Liteboxer, the Peloton Equivalent for Boxing

Liteboxer, the machine unofficially known as the Peloton for boxing, has officially launched, and like the at-home fitness machines before it, it looks like it will totally kick your ass.

Cofounded by Jeff Morin and Todd Dagres, Liteboxer gives users the opportunity to get an engaging, full-body boxing workout from world-renowned trainers in the confines of their own homes. The hard-hitting, incredibly-durable machine uses revolutionary “Rythem Technology” and an advanced LED lighting system that syncs to the beat of your music and indicates where you should punch, while force strikers keep track of stats like striking power and accuracy.

The adjustable 37.5″ x 55.5″ machine is designed to fit in any space and can be broken down for storage. And while the Liteboxer will still cost you a pretty penny, it’s cheaper than a Peloton. For $1,495, you’ll get the machine, a pair of Liteboxer gloves and a free three-month membership. After that, the membership will cost you $29/mo.

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