Grooming | April 4, 2019 9:00 am

Save the World, Save Your Face with These Eco-Conscious Travel Kits

Lost Explorer Wellness: Grooming kits to heal the planet

Helping you save the world and save face: The Lost Explorer Wellness is a new collection of luxury skincare and travel-friendly grooming kits curated by British National Geographic Explorer, trained naturopath and environmentalist David de Rothschild — an activist who once sailed a boat made out of 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles from San Francisco to Sydney.

This is a unisex collection of face scrubs, moisturizers, rehydrating mists, oils, lip balms, etc. that’s entirely free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or colors (99% of the ingredients are botanically derived). All the products are created using 100% recyclable plastic and glass, along with recycled consumer paper for the outer packaging.

Besides being eco-conscious, the money raised here is going to more than corporate profits. 100% sales of the brand’s Marula “Head to Toe” Nourishment Oil — a hydrating and nourishing oil for the face, body and hair — are earmarked toward the Sculpt the Future Foundation, an environmental NGO that promotes global sustainability.

As the company notes, it’s also investing “100% of its net-profits into accelerating a cultural shift toward elevating and celebrating Nature.” You can see some of those pilot projects here.

The wellness products are available individually, but also in themed kits:

  • Travel Safe: A rejuvenating collection of two balms and a rehydrating mist
  • Get Lost: Balms, lotions and gels to protect your skin during rougher adventures
  • Face Yourself: Volcanic face scrub, oil-free moisturizer and the Marula nourishment oil, geared for your face, hair and beard.

All packaged in a reusable cotton muslin bag.

Dig the Lost Explorer ethos? The company also offers up beverages (both mezcal and mezcal tea), a line of comfy clothes specifically designed for travel (most of which is now 60% off), and most recently, a bespoke travel service (in conjunction with Black Tomato) that focuses on — surprise — nature and wellness.