Gear | January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Is This the World’s Most Versatile Backpack?

Meet Udee, the do-everything tactical bag

Take only what you need, they say.

Turns out the modern man has a lot of needs.

Charging ports. Pockets. Near infinite storage space (at almost zero weight or bulk, of course). And a, uh, beer cooler.

Udee has all that. And more: the just-launched backpack actually has 19 unique features.

Just launched on Kickstarter, Udee started with the premise, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one backpack that could fit all your belongings?”

So it’s a big one (25L, to be exact). And loaded with nine different quick-access compartments and a lot of assigned mini-pockets and folders. OCD-ers, this one’s for you. It’s also more an overnight travel bag than, say, a trip-across-town pack.

Based off a near-finished prototype we’ve tested, it’s featherweight but still feels tough. The bag is water-resistant, the zippers waterproof and the padded, memory foam straps designed to offer optimal weight support and reduce stress on the shoulders.

All well and good, but let’s get to the fun stuff.

Udee (8 images)

We’ve seen an overabundance of features before. So, let’s rank the Udee’s supposed 19 qualifiers by coolness/usefulness:

  1. Portable cooler: Yep, you can bring along a six-pack, and it’ll stay cold
  2. Charging port: Gotta charge, wherever you are
  3. Earphone port
  4. Weight reduction: Not really a “feature,” but it IS light
  5. Large volume (25L!)
  6. Safety LED light: Good for bikers
  7. Photography bag: With appropriate padding
  8. Waterproof
  9. Power bank pocket
  10. Phone pocket
  11. Passport/cards holder
  12. Notebook pocket
  13. Pen pocket
  14. Carabiner
  15. Safety reflective stripe
  16. Security pocket
  17. Luggage belt
  18. Anti-theft (A lock. It has a lock.)
  19. Expandable volume: Basically, you can take the inserts to the cooler/camera bag and use the bottom however you want

Udee is available now for just $99 (the MSRP will be $299), and a few bucks extra will net you an additional laundry bag or wash bag.