Bathroom Sinks Inspired by Turntables? It’s a Yes from Us, Dog.

Look in the mirror and call yourself DJ Faucets.

Because Italian bathroom supplier Olympia Ceramica is taking the ever-burgeoning vinyl comeback to the bathroom, care of a line of sinks that’ll inject some serious vibes into your morning routine.

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The concept is still in preview mode, so hang around on pricing, but the Gianluca Paludi design appears to be worth every nickel.

The his-and-her faucets resembles two turntable tonearms, with the aerators ending in a boxy headshell shape. Not to mention the hot/cold levers (dead ringers for volume knobs) and even the basins, which mimic black “vinyl records,” with Olympia logos just above the drain.

And before you ask, yes, the sink comes with a built-in speaker. Perfect for those privy jams.