World in Your Hands

In the States you rely on your phone for everything. But when you’re traveling abroad, you’d be hesitant to rely on the services of, say, “Cosmofon” (Macedonia’s second finest mobile provider!)

Travel overseas with great confidence via Triposo, a free travel guide that works as well offline as it does on.

Devised by intrepid ex-Googlers, Triposo provides intricate travel guides that are impervious to cell and Wi-Fi issues — if your phone has power, you can instantly access Trip’s 8000 destinations and 250,000 points of interest, from balmy Anguilla to batty Zimbabwe.

Since the guides are downloads, all the information is already in your hands — ergo, no roaming charges, no new phone plan needed.

The guides are aggregated from open-source travel services like WikiTravel and OpenStreetMap and feature popular destinations, a “Travelpedia” of history and culture, maps with subway and ATM info, currency converters, foreign language phrasebooks and a place to start your own travel log (or search through someone else’s). It also offers “smart suggestions” on things to do around your location, based on of the time of day and weather.

Smart suggestion #1: no matter when and where you are, don’t be in Macedonia.