Where There Is a Car Hammock, There Is Happiness

Beatles or Stones, pepperoni or sausage, Monica or Rachel …

Life is and will continue to be full of tough decisions.

Like the one every camper knows well: Whether to sleep in a tent or under the stars.

In favor of the latter: TrailNest, who have come up with a product that allows cross-country travelers to comfortably sleep outside wherever they can park a vehicle.

Conceived while creator Chris Blackthorn was sweltering in his truck on a summer night in Anza Borrego, the Roof Top Hammock Stand is a simple yet ingenious device that can be mounted on top of a car like a roof rack and easily open up to accommodate a hammock. Each one of the stands holds up to 250 pounds, and it’s possible to mount more than one on a single vehicle.

Roof Hammock (4 images)

So what exactly is the advantage of a roof hammock over a conventional model? “A hammock stand on the roof means you can hammock in places never before accessible, from the edges of canyons to desert dunes to the tops of mountains,” according to TrailNest. “No more looking for just the right place to hang —  the moment you’re parked, you are ready to relax. You’ll also feel far more secure hanging high above ground, keeping you out of reach of curious wildlife.”

Priced at $470, the made-in-the-USA system currently has a lead time of about four weeks to ship.

And remember: you provide the hammock.