Gear | July 26, 2016 9:00 am

You Can Now Buy a Shotgun Silencer

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Anton Chigurh is as chilling as bad guys come.

He methodically moves through No Country for Old Men like a human shark, wielding a 12-gauge shotgun outfitted with a silencer. That quiet boom is far scarier in my mind than the unmuffled crack.

Ballistic tests from a shotgun won’t reveal who pulled the trigger. But there are more practical (less murderous) purposes for such a device. It’ll protect your ears and, as is the case with the new Salvo Shotgun Suppressor, it’ll keep your shoulder from going sore from recoil.

Salvo is made by SilencerCo, which has been making silencers for pistols and rifles for a minute. Their newest item attaches to your shotgun with a removeable choke system at the tip of your barrel, and ratchets into position the modular system, which consists of steel rods and baffles.

The gas and noise is trapped in the baffles — which can be removed for cleaning— while maintaining the wad’s vim as it’s propelled out of the barrel.

All you hear is the cartridge ejecting from the chamber, a sound no louder than a cap gun.

It’ll keep from spooking your prey, be it a duck, wild turkey, boar or intruder.