By Kirk Miller / July 6, 2017 9:00 am

Fantastic design and forward-thinking technology will be the death of us all.

Case in point: the new Samsara smart suitcase. It’s a stunner. Made from an aviation aluminum alloy, it’s strong, light and fireproof. The bag’s two sets of wheels were designed to maximize packing space (giving you an extra four liters on the inside) while maintaining a smooth glide around the airport.

Samsara (3 images)

And Samsara’s tech brains are top-notch: There’s an app to notify you if your bag has moved away from you or was opened out of your sight. On the inside: LEDs that’ll automatically light up in dark conditions. And an internal battery with USB-C compatibility that’ll charge your devices.

Plus, the whole thing looks like an accessory for your MacBook — the bag’s flat top doubles as a makeshift desk. And that’s our issue: Between this and the beginnings of not-terrible in-flight Wi-Fi, we’re about to lose all excuses for avoiding work during our travels.

Samsara is available as a pre-order on Kickstarter for $395 and up, with a number of packing accessories (gym bag, garment bag, Dopp kit, packaging bags) included. Delivery is scheduled for November, so you’ll be all set for tackling work assignments over your winter holidays, on the ground or in the air.