Gear | February 22, 2017 9:00 am

You Can Now Tour the Seven Seas in a See-Through Submersible

It's like having a 360-degree TV that only gets Nat Geo

Forget space travel.

We’re still discovering the mysteries of the ocean — an undertaking that, until now, required either A) a prohibitively expensive personal submarine, or B) a willingness to plunge a few stories underwater with scuba gear lashed to your back. But a South Korean company called Gocean has a new alternative for leisurely explorers: the newly released Penguin 2.0, the world’s first compact semi-submarine.

Penguin (3 images)

While not completely submersible, the Penguin boats do allow for greater passenger immersion in our oceans. Four people can sit below the hull and gaze into the water via a 25mm pane of plexiglass, while up to eight more passengers can relax on deck.

As mentioned by 2Luxury2, the Penguin boats are primarily used by resorts in the Maldives, Seychelles and Chengdu in China. More interesting is what the company has coming up. According to a promotional video, version 3.0 will be an electric-powered semi-sub for aquariums, 4.0 a glass-bottom boat, and 5.0 a personal submarine.