Leatherman Reissues Its Original Multitool for Its 35th Anniversary
By Evan Bleier / January 26, 2018 9:00 am

As the story goes, Tim Leatherman invented his eponymous multitool during a road trip with his wife through Europe in 1975. Driving across 20 countries, he found himself constantly under the hood of his ’69 Fiat 600, wishing, above all else, he had a pair of pliers. 

So his idea was born: add a pair of pliers to a pocketknife. Eight years later, the first Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool (nicknamed “Mr. Crunch”) went on sale for $25.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of his original stainless steel multitool, Leatherman is selling a special edition version of the classic PST. Made in the USA and delivered in a premium wooden case, the Collector’s Edition PST is being limited to 500 units.

Engraved with Leatherman’s signature, the 5.2-ounce model boasts 14 tools including wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, a Phillips screwdriver, awl, ruler, can opener and bottle opener.

The special PST costs $275 and comes with a free t-shirt. And while it comes guaranteed with a 25-year warranty, we don’t think you’ll need it.